Our specialization in building sites using the world’s leading technology, we endeavor toward work that drives action and generates results. Are you looking to have a greater impact? We’d love to help.

Arrtistic was started on the belief that you can empower entrepreneurs and companies to build stronger, sustainable businesses through beautifully designed, user-friendly sites.

Arrtistic specializes in theme development for the Shopify platform, WordPress and the Layers framework. By working within these leading platforms, we are able to deliver products that gain results with consumers, build brand loyalty and empower site owners to easily grow their businesses online.

While investing in the building of premium sites for Shopify and Layers, we have produced an incredibly large body of work has given our clients the opportunity to better understand their customers, scale and have more time to focus on their favorite part of their business – the products.

If you think your business would be a great fit for us to work, whether it’s a totally new site on one of the platforms we work with or customization to an existing theme, give us a shout.

Our firm had experienced rapid growth in the year leading up to our working with Arrtistic on our new website. The limitations of the old page had become increasingly constraining for the things we needed to do to continue our company's growth. We had many options when engaging someone to develop our new page but Arrtistic hit all the right notes. Their extensive design background enabled them to provide a cutting-edge solution with a strong focus on the useability of our page. They understood that a web page is more than an online brochure, that it is the first touch point for potential clients and therefore has to have a positive impact. Finally, as a business owner I am always looking for excellent value and Arrtistic provided us with a world-class product at a highly competitive price. I unreservedly recommend them for any web or design project and encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Arrtistic was an absolute pleasure to work with. They can take your vague ideas and make them reality. Their insight and design ability made my app visually outstanding and ultimately helped get me featured on the Mac App store.

Simply put, Arrtistic made all my web worries go away! As an author of children’s books, I wanted a site that was professional yet fun and appealed to kids and adults alike. Arrtistic jumped in with very little notice and created a site that was beyond my dreams. They listened carefully to my needs and worked with my illustrator to design a beautiful site that is in keeping with the overall look of my books. They offered informed suggestions on every aspect of web development from SEO optimization and analytics to mailing list development and direct sales options. Most impressive was Arrtistic’s ability to turn the work around within insanely tight deadlines, and their willingness to modify our initial strategy on the fly. I now have a robust website that will serve me well into the future. I’m very much looking forward to working with Arrtistic as I create more content for my site and continue to develop my online presence.

Arrtistic was attentive to detail, cooperative and easy to reach at all times. They did everything they could in order to make our experience a good one. Very pleased with their work and our results all round!

Our Capabilities

We offer a full range of design and development services. As our client, you’ll be in touch with our experienced team members, with updates provided and questions answered at every phase of the project.


Building, migrating and enhancing online retail through leading integrated platforms that allow for highly engaging recurring customer experiences.

UX Design

With user-first thinking as our foundation, we diagnose design challenges before they become an issue by crafting a strategy that enhances human experiences. 

UI Design

Award winning user interfaces that go deeper than just being pretty pixels. We deliver interfaces that are delightful and intuitive.

Frontend Development

We bring these informed concepts and strategies to life while making sure that they work on a magnitude of devices and platforms.   

Product Strategy

Through early collaboration, feature planning and research, we help to transform rough napkin ideas into powerful money making opportunities.

CSS refactoring

Not all code is created equal. We take your existing site code and turn it into a site that loads quickly, looks beautiful and eases customers frustrations. 

Our Principles

Quality Over Quantity

We pay close attention to every detail rather than the speed of completion.

Be Nice

Success comes from strong working relationships.

Users First

Your customers are at the heart of the strategies we build.

We Care You

Knowing everything about your business, your customers, you to craft solutions that get results.

Less is More

We remove the unnecessary so that the important parts stay in focus.

Better Than Yesterday

We always strive to be better than the last project we work on.