Generating leads through promoting online video services.

Chocolate Bar Studios is a leading creator of online videos. Video has become a prominent feature online, which means it’s also become highly competitive.

Chocolate Bar Studios were faced with a problem. They had great talent and a great body of work, but their online site wasn’t generating a ton of leads for them. Their site wasn’t a reflection of their services and expertise. This is when they reached out Arrtistic to review, revamp and realign their site to their goals.

After a deep dive into their site, we turned to the Layers platform to help deliver the results Chocolate Bar Studios was looking for. Layers was the right choice for this problem because it handles a magnitude of video content extremely well without slowing down the load times and other friction points users feel when dealing with video online. The combination of increased video samples and call-to-action points placed throughout the site has allowed Chocolate Bar Studios to generate more quality leads while showcasing their talent and services.