Sharing Newfoundland crafted elegance with the world.

The Golden Tulip has always been an innovator in the jewelry industry. From their creative designs to being the first Newfoundland jeweler to use social media to foot traffic into their store. But there was something missing. They didn’t have an online storefront that Newfoundlanders away from the island could view or purchase from.

They had started this process of getting online several times over 5 years, but never got their site to launch. The agency they were working with wasn’t listening to The Golden Tulips needs or thinking about The Golden Tulip customers. As well, over that 5 year period, the needs of The Golden Tulip and the web continued to change. Mobile became a more dominant way of searching and buying online. Eventually, The Golden Tulip canceled their contract and searched out a new partner. They came to us with a mash of design concepts, features and goals that didn’t fit together.

We took all this information and threw it out. We wanted to start from scratch and truly listen to The Golden Tulip. After researching their customers, learning about the buying experiences of their customers and using our conversations with The Golden Tulip, we were able to put together a strategic plan focused around the Shopify platform. The choice of using Shopify made sense in this case as a way for The Golden Tulip to grow without having to face another site redesign. We were able to accomplish start and finish the new site within a 16 week period. As you can imagine, this was a huge relief after working on a web presence for 5 years.