Bringing the wondrous nature of unique and educational toys for children to online world.

Some small businesses feel like they don’t need much of web presence and have opted for only have the bare minimum. This was the situation that Magic Bean was in. Their site was over 10 years old and was mismatch of colors and lacked any of the imagination and flare that the Magic Bean is known for.

They had started to get quite a few additional requests from customers in store wondering why they couldn’t purchase online, or set up a registry, or even book a one of infamous theme birthday parties. Request after request kept coming in and the Magic Bean realized they had to do something. They turned to us to help bring these requests to life.

After reviewing their requests, we opted to use the Shopify platform to host their ecommerce needs. Shopify was the obvious choice because it allowed the Magic Bean bring their uniqueness and in-store experiences into an online environment. By starting from the ground up with their store theme, we were able to extend the Shopify functionality to include the requests they had been getting in their store. Shopify also helped us manage the 1000s of SKUs that the Magic Bean had to offer.

Since launching their new site in early 2016, this small St. John’s toy shoppe has started to reach out in a global capacity.