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Vigilant Management has been an incredible client over the years. We originally began working with them through another agency and provided them with an online solution that streamlined their messaging at that time. A few years later, they returned to us with a new problem. They felt stuck. The solution that was built for them originally was hard to update, had them locked into hosting that wasn’t working for them, and through their growth, their messaging had now changed. They wanted more control and flexibility over their future.Unlike most clients, Vigilant Management came to us with a great awareness of who they are, where they want to go and what they wanted to say to their customers. Communication and recruitment were two of Vigilant’s top priorities. They needed a site that could speak to their customers and future hires. We spent a significant amount of time learning about their company culture and its importance to their business. This lead us to opt for a more drag-and-drop approach design powered by SquareSpace. The SquareSpace¬†platform allowed Vigilant to customize their site regularly with preset components to fit their current needs.


Our firm had experienced rapid growth in the year leading up to our working with Arrtistic on our new website. The limitations of the old page had become increasingly constraining for the things we needed to do to continue our company's growth. We had many options when engaging someone to develop our new page but Arrtistic hit all the right notes. Their extensive design background enabled them to provide a cutting-edge solution with a strong focus on the useability of our page. They understood that a web page is more than an online brochure, that it is the first touch point for potential clients and therefore has to have a positive impact. Finally, as a business owner I am always looking for excellent value and Arrtistic provided us with a world-class product at a highly competitive price. I unreservedly recommend them for any web or design project and encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions.